Linux Snobs

I think it was only two years ago when the web told me I had to give up on CVS for personal source code control because Subversion was so superior. Now the web tells me that Subversion is old and busted and git is the new hotness. I wonder when the web has time for writing any code if it’s constantly changing its tool chain.

Apparently I’m webcomic-ing now. It’s mostly coming as a creative release as I’m working on software upgrades. I think for most of you it’s a webcomic you would never subscribe to, so hopefully sooner than later I’ll move it to a sub-section of the site.


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  1. CoryQ says:

    I’d read your web comic… but only if you updated sporadically and complained in all your posts about how you want to get them up on time, but dang it, you are just too busy.

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